Poland has EU's worst air pollution, shows new report

Poland has the European Union’s most polluted air, according to a new report from the European Environment Agency (EEA). The country also recorded among the lowest reductions in air pollution during the pandemic lockdown. The Air Quality in Europe 2020 report found that the concentration of both PM10 and PM2.5 – two types of harmful airborne participate matter – was higher in Poland than in any other EU country.

First racoon sighted in Warsaw, prompting fears that "alien predator" could cause havoc

A racoon has for the first time been caught on camera in Warsaw. The discovery of the alien species has prompted fears for local wildlife, and even that the animal could become an urban pest, as it has in Germany. The video footage, recorded by a camera trap in the Bielański Forest, eight kilometres north of Warsaw city centre, follows the discovery of raccoon tracks in nearby Modlin three years ago, as well as sightings reported by locals.

Polish region asks Germany for Covid assistance, but government insists it does not need help

The head of local government in one of Poland’s 16 provinces has requested Germany’s help in dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, as the Polish health system struggles with record numbers of infections. However, the Polish national government has so far not accepted a public offer of support from Germany, which currently has a rising but relatively low number of coronavirus cases. Warsaw insists that it can manage the situation without external support.

Polish cities offer support to businesses and seniors amid tightened restrictions

A number of Polish local authorities have been supporting hospitality businesses and senior citizens to cope with increasingly stringent restrictions aimed at slowing the spread of coronavirus. As levels of new infections and deaths in Poland continue to soar, some authorities have responded by announcing plans to exempt hospitality businesses from payment of rent while they are closed.

DISPATCH: "Stratified and Fragmented" - Teaching and Learning in a Pandemic

In the crumbling, chaotic world of “This War of Mine” — a Polish survival-based strategy war game released in 2014 depicting the civilian cost of conflict — everything is dreary and forlorn. Drenched in subdued colour and smacking of desperation, the game requires players to make difficult choices to keep characters alive, with a focus on moral decision-making and contemplation. It’s far from the fast-paced shooter and blind violence you might imagine a war game to be.
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